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Silverthorne Adult Day Center is located on the same campus as Salem Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  Silverthorne is located on what was once the farm land belonging to the Silverthorne family.

In the mid 1980’s Silverthorne was first built with the conception of being a 55 plus residential setting. Instead it became a medical day center in 1991.  

In 2006 with the help of Eagle Scouts a fence was upgraded around the backyard, making it a comfortable, safe setting for elders to enjoy being in, but also keeping the more confused elders safe while being outdoors. 

In 2008  a deck was built by another Eagle Scout.  A canopy is put up every Spring by the ROTC of Salem High School.  This helps the seniors enjoy their time out on the expanded deck while being protected from the sun.

In 2009 the Board of Directors approved a remodeling endeavor to update the building.  An addition was added to the building at this time.  This has enabled Silverthorne to expand its services to 33 guests per day. 

In 2011 Kiwanis paid to have a walking path installed.  The participants are now able to enjoy being out in the fresh air, getting some exercise while listening to the birds around them.  Finally, The Garden of Hope installed a lovely flower bed, which this walking path encircles.

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